Thursday, 9 February 2012

After Capello...

So what did you watch on Wednesday night?  Did you see the Middlesborough V Sunderland replay, or were you taken aback by the events unfolding at the English FA's headquarters.  Capello's resignation brings forward the decision that the English FA needed to make at the end of this season, who to give the poisoned challice of the England Manager's job to.

Firstly, Capello's big mistake was to put so much faith in John Terry.  Whether he is guilty or not of the charges he faces, his past conduct makes him an unsuitable leader of a football team, never mind inspiration to millions of England football fans.  Possiably Capello thought that this England generation was devoid of leaders. Whatever his rational,  Terry does not strike me as leadership material.

So, what next for England.  Stuart Pearce will take charge for the friendly against the Netherlands at the end of the month, after that who knows?  The clamour from within Football for Harry Redknapp though has been unanimous.  I'm not sure that he would be the ideal candidate for the suits at the English FA, to much of Terry Venables about Redknapp for some people within the EFA's liking I suspect, while his own tactical nouse might come into question from some people.  Given his record with Switzerland from 1992-96, maybe Roy Hodgson might appeal to the EFA's suits.  I just have this feeling that Redknapp is just too obvious to be the next England manager.

What Capello's resignation has not done is dampen down the expectations of certain sections of the media, with some people suggesting that this crisis will bring the players together.  Not sure about that, but i think that we can now say with 99.99% certainty that England will not win the European Championships this Summer.

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