Sunday, 25 October 2009

Re-Cycling The Old Arguments

So with depressing regularity the spectre of the Old Firm leaving Scottish Football appears, quickly followed by the embarrassing result in the European arena which normally puts talk of a divorce in Scottish football to bed. This time the talk hasn’t really gone away, but has been buried by bad news so to speak, replaced by that other staple of Scottish Football journalists – why is Scottish Football so rubbish.

Firstly to the divorce some commentators feel is necessary to further the Scottish game. Should the Old Firm splt from Scottish Football, make no mistake that this would be as much of a disaster as a UK team participating in the 2012 London Olympics.

Sepp Blatter has already won 2 elections on the back of giving more power to the smaller confederations, which is why we have the Confederations Cup and the fledgling Club Championship. The main prize for Blatter’s backers would be the break-up of the International Council which guarantees either a member of the FA, the SFA, the FAW or the Northern Irish FA a seat at the top table, and the amalgamation of the members into the one organisation and one country. Somehow the debt that FIFA owes to the International Council does not count in the eyes of Blatter acolytes. Which is why the late David Will amongst others were campaigning against a single UK team at the Olympics, it was believed that this would bring about a UK team for all UEFA and FIFA competitions.

But if the Old Firm leave, that would make the league more competitive is the other argument for the departure of the gruesome twosome. That might be true, but the standard of play would still be rubbish. Also who would broadcast a league shorn of its current main attractions. Its shockingly bad just now, with BSkyB & ESPN scheduling games for lunchtimes and Monday nights. What kick-off times will supporters expect post Old Firm.

Rangers and Celtic’s desire to break out of the SPL risks opening this issue up again. Much as I am not keen on listening to the nice songs about genocide and terrorism which comes from the mouths of Old Firm fans, they are still Scottish teams and need to stay here.