Monday, 7 June 2010

World Cup Warm-up – My Memories

So, I'm just back from my holiday’s.  Plugged the lap-top in and switched my wi-fi back on, and i get an e-mail from Craig, the grand fromage from the Last Ditch Tackle blog regarding memories of previous World Cup’s.  Seb from the Inside Left blog has provided his already, so here are mine.  Get your Castle Lager’s in…

First World Cup they can remember (i.e. not Spain 82 when only 1 year old lol)  - Actually my first memory of a World Cup was Spain 1982.  I was 6, in hospital and peed off that all the older patients were hogging the television with this football rubbish.  I wanted cartoons.  I didn’t really get into Football until the 86 tournament, when all the talk was of the “Group of Death”.  The Denmark game I seem to recall was a late kick off (after 11 o’clock if memory serves), but the West Germany and Uruguay games were 8pm kick off’s so I remember those games.  I also remember England’s game with Paraguay was the same night as our Primary 6 disco.

Favourite goal  - Maradona’s first against England, it was worth 2 goals anyway.  The Scottish Football blog has gone for Bergkamp’s against Argentina, which is also worthy of a mention (I would have picked it had i seen it at the time – i was at a wedding that day).  With hindsight, there are also a couple of Brazil goals from 1982 (Zico’s free kick and Eder’s chip against us) which are also worthy of a mention.  Fellow Buddie Archie Gemmil’s goal would have been here, had I been a bit older than 2 years old

Best individual performer at a World Cup  - Whoa… Diego Maradona.  I don’t think anyone since has so firmly dominated a tournament as Maradona did in 1986.  Honourable mention’s should also go to Roberto Baggio who seemed to single handedly drag Italy to the Final of USA 1994, and to Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) who’s 8 goal haul in 2002 was the most by any striker since Muller’s haul in 1970.

Scotland memory – Always seeming to draw defeat from the jaws of victory (like in 1978, in 1982 and in 1990), and always seeming to batter teams and not winning.  Costa Rica and Norway (in 1998) spring readily to mind.

Best game  - Two Brazil V Netherlands games spring to mind. In 1994 we witnessed a see-saw match where Brazil went two up early on in the second half, but were pulled back before Brazil got a winner from a Branco free kick, while the semi final between the two sides 4 years on was also a great game between two of the best sides of that tournament.  Best game involving Scotland was our 2-1 win over Sweden in 1990, the same night as England’s 0-0 draw with the Netherlands.

Worst game  - Hmmm  I have two here, both from 1990.  The worst game I have ever seen was that year’s final – West Germany V Argentina.  The worst game featuring Scotland was the first game against Costa Rica.  We battered them in the first half, but with a combination of Conejo’s heroics and Alan McInally not being able to hit a Coo’s backside with a banjo, Costa Rica were able to hold us to 0-0.  Cayaso then scored to really stuff us.  A mention also for the game against Morocco, not so much because Scotland were absolutely taken apart that night, but more because unjustly Morocco were also eliminated from the World Cup that night, by dint of Norway’s 2-1 win against Brazil.

Nostalgic memories (ie merchandise, cheesy songs, ad's etc) – Apart from a couple of computer games (the Playstation ones for France 98, South Korea 02), not really got any merchandise.  Having said that, I am still miffed that neither BBC or ITV had any Kraftwerk for their coverage 4 years ago, after ITV used some Jean Michel Jarre in 1998.

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